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  • Jason Hesley

Neaera to Release “All Is Dust” Full-Length June 28th on Metal Blade Records!

German metalcore veterans NEAERA, who are celebrating their twentieth anniversary this year, will release their All Is Dust full-length on June 28th via Metal Blade Records, today unveiling the record’s first single and pre-orders.

On February 28th, 2020, NEAERA released their seventh album – it was their eponymous comeback record after a seven-year-hiatus – which caught everyone by surprise. Despite having been well received, the pandemic impeded the band’s long awaited and already scheduled return to live stages. On February 29th, 2020, NEAERA played a sold-out release show, but it remained the only show for the record in years since Wacken, the Impericon festivals, and other shows were forced to be postponed until further notice.

By 2021, the NEAERA collective decided it was time for new material. With a desire to return to an oldschool writing approach when songs were composed together in a musty rehearsal room, the band started the writing process. By 2022, the band recruited Janosch Rathmer (drummer of long-time friends/German post-rock institution Long Distance Calling) to record their new album, All Is Dust. Mixing and mastering for the record was skillfully executed by Kristian Kohle at Kohlekeller Studios who adorned the songs with a powerful yet organic sound that perfectly fit the band’s vision of their new material and approach.

Lyrically, NEAERA shifted their focus a bit and put the individual, its survival, and sanity in these testing times center stage alongside lyrics that tackle global and social clamor – a shift that was arguably pandemic-related.

Comments guitarist Stefan Keller on first single, “Pacifier,” “‘Pacifier’ is a rather typical NEAERA song containing the trademarks the band is renowned for. The lyrics deal with a way to come to peace with oneself, leaving behind regrets, old pain and banishing thoughts that impede you.

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