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MY DEAREST WOUND Reveals Details About Debut Album “The Burial”

Chile’s depressive black metal project MY DEAREST WOUND has announced that its debut full-length, entitled “The Burial”, will be released on September 15th via the label Tragedy Productions.

Along its 46 minutes of length, the listener will be struck by the melancholy beauty of the melodies. Often the songs are based on the mid-tempo, ideal for underlining the inner emotional excavation, but in some cases, they switch to blast beats, to highlight the drama of a human being who sees no reason to continue living.

A video is now available for the album’s opening track, called “When Did I Die?”. Watch on Tragedy Production’s YouTube channel: Listeners can pre-order the album on Bandcamp:

MY DEAREST WOUND is a solo project from Santiago, Chile created by Sergio González Catalán (Rise to the Sky, Winds of Tragedy). Its music is about sadness, loneliness, and depression.

Sergio says about My Dearest Wound: “I wanted to do a straightforward project that talked about traumatic and life-ruining events, and to express beauty and melancholy without leaving the inner rage that these topics convey. In “The Burial”, the debut album of My Dearest Wound, you will hear beautiful melodies, extracts from movies and series that transmit the feeling of shock and tragedy, and the inner aching sounds of suffering from those old wounds.

Music and lyrics by Sergio González Catalán. Production, mixing & mastering: Nikola Dušmanić, Ezoterik Studio. Vocals and instruments by Sergio Gonzalez Catalán - Recorded in Sergio’s Castle - Santiago, Chile. Drums by Nikola Dušmanić - Recorded in Ezoterik Studio, Serbia. Guitar tones & reamping: Rodoljub Raičković, Vortex Studio. Artwork by Natalia Drepina. CD Layout by Paula González. Logo by Alak - Chaos Drakon Art.

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