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  • Jason Hesley

Moral Putrefaction: Indian death metallers drop video for “Divided” portraying Social Divisions!

Formed in 2015, Chennai-based Moral Putrefaction portrays death metal against the backdrop of India's political and socio-economic landscape. After winning the 2022 edition of Wacken Metal Battle India, Moral Putrefaction went on to perform at Wacken Open Air in the same year. Within India, the band has graced stages alongside notable acts such as Suffocation, Psycroptic, Cult of Fire, and Immolation.


A follow-up to the Scum of the Earth demo released in 2019, Moral Putrefaction’s self-titled debut is largely an old school death metal monolith but mutates into blackened death abnormalities and even tech death complexities. As the band singles out Morbid Angel, Immolation, Bloodbath, and Gorguts as chief influences, they palpably conjure the rapid fury of the inspirations across the tracks while forging ahead with their own ravaging might. 


As the shadows of 2024 lengthen, India stands at the precipice of a shocking epoch, restoring its contested historical and religious legacy. In resistance, Moral Putrefaction’s debut album challenges prevailing narratives, delving into the complexities of the nation's diverse cultural landscape. From opposing caste discrimination and political corruption to exposing the horrors of colonialism and religious extremism, each track paints the struggles and resilience of a nation navigating its turbulent past and uncertain future. 

Track Listing:

1. Divided [Watch | Listen]

2. Serpent’s Gaze [Listen]

3. Colonial Genocide

4. Scum of the Earth

5. Divine Retribution

6. Sins of Our Fathers

7. Beneath Saffron Skies

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