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MIASMIC SERUM: Italian death metal act shares sinister new single "Lethal Bite", debut album "Infected Seed" out soon on Chaos Records/Night Terrors!

Italian death metal trio MIASMIC SERUM will release their massive debut album, "Infected Seed", on June 14th 2024 via their new label homes of Night Terrors Records (tape) and Chaos Records (CD format).

Today, you can listen to the stark new single "Lethal Bite", now premiering at Mystification. Stream it HERE.

MIASMIC SERUM is an old-school death metal power trio born in late 2022, between Venice and Treviso, Italy. The band's style takes inspiration from early 90's American death metal, leading to a viperous sound that is conceptually related to poisoning, intoxication on the whole, toxic plants, animal venoms, and even personal previous psycho-nautical experiences. In fact, 'Miasmic Serum' stands for an unhealthy exhalation of a serum, which can be identified in the animal and plant kingdoms. Two entwined snakes in the band logo depict the Caduceus symbol, which represents a lethal dose, and the therapeutic one.

All lyrics in "Infected Seed" take inspiration from various realms and cultures, including personal experiences in the world of psychonautics, revisited with Aldous Huxley and Terence Mckenna's literary works, between dystopian fiction and psychedelic culture, which is also based on the main use of sacred plants. Furthermore, other major analyzed themes are the Eleusinian mysteries of Ancient Greece and the shamanic traditions of the peoples of South America.

MIASMIC SERUM's musical style is poised and pure: guttural but clearly enunciated vocals, catchy blastbeat sections, multiple tempo changes without losing sight of classic songwriting, vicious atmospheres and speed-shredding riffs and solos that harken to the earliest days of the genre.

The single "Mortal Training", features guest vocals from Jason Netherton of MISERY INDEX, while the title track "Infected Seed" features guest vocals from Fiore Stravino of FULCI.

The album artwork and illustration are designed by the Colombian artist Julian Mora Ibañez.


01. Auditory Hallucinations

02. Near-Death Visions

03. Mortal Training (feat. Jason Netherton)

04. Immortal Entity

05. Neurotoxic Venom

06. Lethal Bite

07. Brain Walls

08. Lost Control

09. Ancient Initiation Rite

10. Infected Seed (feat. Fiore Stravino)

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