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  • Jason Hesley

Metalcore band BECOME THE APEX release new single ‘COUNT ME OUT’

Metalcore band BECOME THE APEX release their new single ‘COUNT ME OUT', showcasing a young band in their prime, hungry to push their punishing brand of metal to the masses through an intense but fresh take on the genre.

BECOME THE APEX hail from the Pacific Northwest, an emergent band among the scene.  The members themselves are seasoned vets from such acts as ONE SHOT ONE KILL, LIFE UPON LIARS, LIVING IN FALSE EYES, BEYOND CONVICTION, ABAASY and IMMURGE.  With a pedigree like that, it is no surprise they have come together to explore a different direction in metalcore, modern and pure but forward thinking. 

‘COUNT ME OUT,’ is an energetic and urgent song that takes a more extreme approach to metalcore.  Among these more brutal offerings, the band also provides a fully dynamic sound with catchy hooks that honor the modern scene even while it seeks to change it.  

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