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  • Jason Hesley

Maanelyst, presenting the debut EP from new Norwegian black metal band YR!

The debut EP from YR - “Maanelyst” will be released on 21st of June, marking midsummers eve and the turn towards darkness!

For fans of Taake, Gorgoroth and Gaahls Wyrd!

In 2021, the seeds were sown for what was to become a new odyssey in the realm of Norwegian black metal, marking the inception of YR, a fresh and fierce consortium emerging from the cold darkness of Oslo. The journey reached a crescendo in 2023 when combined genius of Nekrosis and Doedsskaldr crafted "Maanelyst", with fervor by the music and lyrics echo the inner turmoil of human duality, from the frenetic pace of blast-beats to the deliberate rhythms of black'n'roll.

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