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  • Jason Hesley

LUNACY - Polish groovy/progressive death metal bandreleased debut album "Disconnection"

LUNACY is a creation born on both the ashes and out of cooperation of Warsaw-based bands: Hornad, Sphere, Morhana, Cryptic Rites, Chainsword, with music aimed at showing band members souls, sense of aesthetics and true faces in relation to mediocrity. 


Band comments: "We stand against human indifference, isolation and acting only to meet our own vain satisfaction. Lyrically, we touch on the subject of humanity being taken over by machines, apocalypse, dystopia .... all that we consider more and more to be the real visions of the universe. To us humanity is a disease that will end itself due to its self-confidence and selfish ways."


Music was recorded:

  • guitars by Piotr "Hornad Pit" Dobrowolski at home studio HornadGit,

  • bass by Adam Ziółkowski at Burning Tones,

  • drums by Mariusz Konieczny at Heavy Gear Studio.

All was mixed and mastered by Adam "Addy" Muszynski.


Several guests appeared on the album:

  • Wisnia (Sphere, Flames Among Hatred) - vocal guest in Deviant and Circle of Sleepers,

  • Amira Gaafar (Vephar) - vocal guest in Blood and Mince Machine

  • Sfenson (Unborn Suffer, Kontagion) - vocal guest in Childs Play

  • Piehoo (Kontagion) - vocal guest in (No) Chance to Break Free

  • Shadock (Trauma) - vocal guest in Revenance and All That Jazz


Debut album titled "Disconnection" was released October 20, 2023 as independent release, both digitally (Bandcamp, Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music, Amazon Music) and on CD which could be purchased here.

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