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  • Jason Hesley

Lower Automation present "Welcome To My Deathbed" EP via Zegema Beach Records!

Lower Automation, Derek Allen - Guitar/Vocals, Brian Sutton - Bass

and Andy Ducey on Drums, formed outside Chicago in 2015, and refer to their sound as 'math punk' or 'panic punk.' 

Welcome To My Deathbed is the band's latest release and follows 2022's well-received Strobe Light Shadow Play which was described by several publications as...

"Brilliantly unhinged hardcore-inspired songs that splinter expectations to smithereens with their split-second rhythm changes and wild vocals." - Bandcamp New and Notable 

"...Quickly explodes into the flickering, unstoppable, and agile balance between madness, melody, and abrasiveness that is the Lower Automation staple." -

"One of our favorite heavy releases of the year, Lower Automation’s Strobe Light Shadow Play lives up to its name with disparate, chaotic parts appearing then reappearing in an instant, playing off of sludgy mathcore and spasming post-punk. The band’s distinct wail might push buttons for some, but for most of us, its sweet, untethered catharsis, and lends them a unique edge against the competition." - Feckingbahamas


The EP will be released Monday May 20th 2024 on CD, Tape and Digital formats. 

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