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  • Jason Hesley

"Live 'em Up!" encapsulates LORD VOLTURE's electrifying decade of live performances across Europe!

Dive into the very soul of heavy metal with LORD VOLTURE's upcoming release, "Live 'em Up!". This isn't just an album; it's an experience, a time capsule that brings to life the roaring energy of live stages from Manchester to Belgium. LORD VOLTURE, with their distinct blend of raw power and refined skill, have curated a selection of their most potent live performances. >From the pulsating riffs of "Taklamakan" to the echoing anthems of "Hearts of Steel", every track is a testament to the band's undying commitment to their art and their fans. This release isn't just about music; it's about memories, about those electric moments when artist and audience become one. As you journey through "Live 'em Up!", you're not just listening; you're there, amidst the roar of the crowd, the blinding stage lights, feeling the very heartbeat of heavy metal.

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