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Litha - Black Metal Project Of Andrew Black From Mizmor and Hell Share Entire Self-Titled Album!

Litha, the solo black metal project of Andrew Black from Mizmor and Hell live line-up, today share his entire self-titled debut album, just two days ahead of the release date set for this Friday, November 17th via Tartarus Records on vinyl, cassette and all digital platforms . Pre-orders are now available at this location.

The full album is now playing at Decibel Magazine, who had this to say about the full release: "Litha grips the listener with a strong understanding of depression’s darkest depths and inner uncertainties, transmuting these negativities into deep, personal darkness." 

Andrew comments about this album: "When I think about this album as a whole it’s really just me arguing with myself and attempting to make sense of my own inconsistencies. Observing my anger, the guilt that follows, and realizing the things that bother me about other people are actually what I dislike most about myself."

Litha, essentially serves as an outlet for Andrew to channel the lifelong anxiety and depression that have shaped his life, as well as a way to wrestle with guilt caused by the dissonance between a desire for altruism and his disposition towards misanthropy.

Andrew is originally from Salem, Oregon, where he met early friends and collaborators, ALN of Mizmor and MSW of Hell, to form their band, Sorceress. After Sorceress ended, Andrew began exploring ambient music with the intention of expressing himself more fully but found it difficult to convey everything he had hoped to in that genre.

"Litha represents a distinct departure from my ambient music," Andrew says. "This project was born out of my need to vent the uglier and angrier emotions that have been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Ambient music has been a great way to express more melancholic emotions, but I needed a way to process my anger and pain, which I've historically hidden away from others. I felt like I couldn’t say everything I needed to in instrumental ambient music, so I decided I needed an additional outlet. 

Litha is that outlet and an effort to bring that ugliness to the surface to process it instead of continuing to hide it."

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