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  • Jason Hesley

Listen PLEIA's first single of the Upcoming Ep "Betori"

For devotees of progressive metal, we present PLEIA, a powerful trio bursting onto the scene with their debut single "TAU II," taken from their debut EP, "BETORI." This release marks their triumphant entry into the music scene, offering a production that transcends conventional boundaries.

"TAU II" is much more than a song; it's an anthem to inner awakening and the force that drives us to understand the very essence of our existence. PLEIA's music is imbued with irreverent and bold passages, with rhythm changes and dynamic melodies carrying an unparalleled emotional weight. Their sound evokes a nostalgic atmosphere, while their sonic quality merges the modern with the rawness of a live performance.

This unique musical experience will captivate lovers of experimental music, thanks to its intriguing fusion of elements. PLEIA offers more than just music; it offers a sensory journey into the unknown, where the mind expands and boundaries blur. Get ready to immerse yourself in the sonic universe of PLEIA and discover new musical dimensions!

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