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  • Jason Hesley

Lenax release the single 'Inversion'

Tennessee based melodic black metal outfit Lenax is a band on the rise. Their latest opus, Purity, hit streaming services this week to rave reviews and ever increasing plays. With strains reminiscent of classic Immortal, Dark Funeral or Enslaved, the band has stayed true to their influences while creating something new that hooks the listener immediately. Formed in November 2022 as a solo project by guitarist and vocalist Venomous, his previous single release for Shrouded Sight, firmly placed him in the spotlight. Lovecraft inspired lyrics set the stage for a concept that encompassed not only the storytelling aspect of traditional black metal, but also allowed for growth in the way many black metal bands have done over the years with broader content and  experimentation. “One of the things that draws people to Lovecraft is the world building.

The looming sense of danger and madness written into his stories creates an internal mythology. The telling and re-framing of stories over generations is how heroes, myths, and religions are formed. When looking for concepts to write occult themed music, you can involve the pantheon created by Lovecraft with a certain amount of freedom. In other words you don’t have to acknowledge a religious worldview first in order to rebel against it,” he said. Over the past year, Lenax evolved into a full band to enable Venomous to perform live, something he has missed doing and he wants to bring the music to the metal community. Currently consisting of Venomous on Guitar and lead vocals, the band also boasts the addition of established Blood Stained Dusk drummer Profana to the fold. Bass is covered by The Silence and the band is working on a new stage show that is sure to be bold and imaginative.

However, bass tracks on the release are covered by Hephaestus and his ancient Hellenic rendition of the Headless Rite from the Greek Magical Papyri gives you a glimpse into the grimoire of magical practitioners the world over. “Originally my idea was much simpler. I thought I might just partner up with a local band, put together one show, and call a bucket list item complete. I do really miss playing live, and by the time I got to the point of adding members, I had the itch to play in front of people. Adding members brought fresh perspectives, enhanced creativity, and gave depth to our sound. Plus, having bandmates who are family members creates a deeper bond and understanding,” he said. In the past months the band has been covered by domestic and foreign press with features in Metalized, Rock Hard and others; and a blistering new review of the from The Metalverse sets the tone for future reviews with the statement “Lenax does an excellent job of blending melody and black metal's heavy sound together in a package that creates an attractive yet fiercely powerful  soundscape.”

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