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  • Jason Hesley

ISCHEMIC Conjures Depths of Despair with New Single "Rust and Bone"

The cavernous depths of death/doom metal have a new echo resonating within them as ISCHEMIC releases their latest single, "Rust and Bone," a foreboding piece from their much-anticipated album, Condemned to the Breaking Wheel, slated for release on April 5, 2024.

"Rust and Bone" is a journey through desolation and despair, encapsulating ISCHEMIC's mastery over slow, hypnotic soundscapes that are both crushing and emotionally charged. This release is a testament to the band's prowess in creating music that not only devastates but also immerses the listener in a trance-like state, reflecting the relentless passage of time and the inevitability of decay.

At the crossroads of death and doom metal, ISCHEMIC stands as a monolith of genre-defining sound. Known for their slow, brooding compositions interwoven with hypnotic soundscapes, ISCHEMIC has carved a niche within the metal community, garnering a dedicated fan base. Their upcoming release, Condemned to the Breaking Wheel, is poised to further cement their legacy as pioneers of deep, introspective metal.

Listeners can immerse themselves in the haunting realms of "Rust and Bone" HERE. The anticipation surrounding Condemned to the Breaking Wheel is a clear indicator of the impact ISCHEMIC intends to make, with "Rust and Bone" serving as a mere glimpse into the epic odyssey that awaits.

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