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  • Jason Hesley

Invading Chapel Returns with ‘The Sculptures Bleed'

As a synesthete, Malassagne’s creative process also extends to his perception of sound and colour. “I wanted the guitars to have a certain sound and colour – grey like stone, akin to the stones of a chapel,” he adds, hinting at the depth and complexity of Invading Chapel’s sound.

While “The Sculptures Bleed” may not introduce completely new themes to Invading Chapel’s repertoire, it revisits familiar concepts in a new light. Malassagne notes, “The theme of this title follows on from certain older songs but is approached from a different angle or with different metaphors.”

This release represents a natural progression in Invading Chapel’s journey, with a strong emphasis on blending heavy rock with gothic undertones. “It’s hard to fully appreciate the impact while still in the midst of the creative process,” admits Malassagne. “But I believe this track, and those to come, will reflect the evolution I’ve mentioned.”

As for the fans’ reaction, early feedback has been positive, particularly about the balance struck in this single. Malassagne shares, “Initial responses have highlighted, among other things, this balance. I hope that others will also enjoy this track and the ones we have lined up.”

Whether you’re already an Invading Chapel fan or new to their music, “The Sculptures Bleed” offers a uniquely immersive experience in the gothic and doom metal genres. Keep an ear out for this innovative band as they continue to explore and redefine the boundaries of heavy metal.

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