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  • Jason Hesley

Intent to release Sins of the Past on 25 August 2023!

Brutal thrash four-piece INTENT are following up their 2022 full-length Exile with an equally bloodthirsty offering. The upcoming EP, Sins of the Past, breathes new life into a selection of tracks originally released on their debut record Vox Populi.

The band comments:

“We wanted to record these tracks because when we recorded our first album, our budget and other resources were very limited. In the end we felt we didn’t do the songs justice. Years later, now that we have more experience producing our own records, we thought it would be fun to take some of our favorite tracks from our debut and do them the way they were intended.”

Kicking off with "Number 12 (Looks Just Like You)", INTENT deliver a ferocious onslaught of high speed rhythms and thundering percussion. The incessant crushing bass drum hits and heavy rhythms are utterly relentless. Continuing to inject a monumental display of power, "Insight" brings a vicious attack of unceasing riffs, aggressive chugs and menacing vocals. Entering into foreboding realms, "Network Failure" begins with intriguing groove bass lines and rhythmic percussion, before bursting into a full on offensive strike of raging heavy.


Formed in 2015, the Arizona based INTENT subsequently underwent a number of line-up changes and spent time developing their sound before heading into the live scene. The outfit soon began opening up for bands like OVERKILL, DRI, and HAVOK to name a few. 2018 saw the release of their debut album Vox Populi, and in 2022 the release of Exile showcased the thrashers' hard work as they cultivated the next era of their sound. The upcoming EP sees the quartet continue on that trajectory.

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