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  • Jason Hesley

Inner Sphere / Fall of Gnosis / Pythonissam presents "Imperishable Realm"

Crushing American Death / Doom Metal SPLIT.3 way split between INNER SPHERE "MechWarrior Death Doom" from Mississippi, FALL OF GNOSIS "Psych Death Doom" from South Carolina and PYTHONISSAM "Funeral Doom Metal" from Wisconsin, USA.The split starts off with abrasive death metal pace and intensity from Inner Sphere, OSDM blend of Death Metal meets Doom - gargantuan mechs smashing into one another destroying worlds. Fall of Gnosis side devolves into psychedelic death meets sludge metal, hallucinogenic leadwork, catchy drums and roaring gutturals.

This split is slowing down gradually with each song and becoming more avant-garde. Pythonissam closes off the split with massive funeral doom energy, cosmic horror fueled songs - Lovecraftian hymns in the abyss and slow to a crawl."Imperishable Realm" is a title coined by Fall of Gnosis from the Judas Gnosticism text, the spirit of underground extreme metal will never die - enduring forever.300 CDs are available February 24th, 2024 via VARGHEIST RECORDS, 50th release since 2018.

Prepare your mind and eardrums for a crushing collaborative effort between three noticeably different and yet surprisingly cohesive bands from within the death doom realm. Inner Sphere (USA), Fall of Gnossis and Pythonissam are here to bring the heavy as they each deliver three killer tracks.

The album features everything from OSDM and psychedelic death metal to sludge and funeral doom and yet it all works cohesively as one release. Whether you enjoy creeping tempos and crushing heaviness or filthy crunch and wild psyched out exploration, there's something here for everyone.

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