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INFERNO FESTIVAL NORWAY 2025 is pleased to reveal the first wave of bands for next year's highly anticipated edition, which will once again take place in Oslo (NO) from April 17-20 for another blasphemous Easter! The festival now welcomes 1349, BLOOD INCANTATION, AETERNUS, SETH, ABYSSIC, SPECTRAL WOUND, ANGIST, BYTHOS, VIOLENT MAGIC ORCHESTRA + SYN to the lineup, with more TBA! Tickets and passes can be found HERE.


The Norwegian black metal band 1349 was founded back in 1997 and has maintained a steady course ever since. With pure aggression and brutality in their musical expression, 1349 has made a mark on the Norwegian black metal scene. To date, 1349 has released eight albums, three EPs, and a live album. Earlier this year, they released the single ”Ash of Ages,” indicating that 1349 is back in full force with more malevolence. Whatever it may be, you can see it at Inferno Metal Festival 2025!


Blood Incantation is an American death metal band that has been active since 2011. The band is known for blending psychedelic elements into their death metal. The band gained a lot of attention when they released ”Hidden History of the Human Race” in 2019 and have since played live extensively. In October this year, the band’s next album, titled ”Absolute Elsewhere,” will be released, and it’s something to look forward to. This will be Blood Incantation’s first concert at Inferno Metal Festival.


Norwegian Aeternus was founded back in 1993 by vocalist and guitarist Ares in Bergen. The band was one of the pioneers of dark metal, combining black metal with death metal, and hints of classical music as well as folk music. The band members have extensive experience, having played in bands like Gorgoroth, Taake, Gaahls Wyrd, Hellbutcher, and Phantom Fire. Aeternus has released nine albums to date. The latest is called ”Philosopher” and came out last year. Thus, it is time to bring the band back to Oslo, where they haven’t played since Inferno 2013.


Formed in 1995, SETH is highly regarded as the pioneers of French black metal. Since then, the band has released six albums, an EP, and a live album. Already on July 14, we can add a new album to the list, as 'La France des maudits' will be released. The band has only played in Norway once before, and that was back in 2005, also at Inferno Metal Festival. It is a pleasure to have the band back after twenty years.


Abyssic is a Norwegian band that plays a unique form of funeral death-doom, with black metal influences. Their signature is enhanced by orchestrations and upright bass. It all started back in 1997 under the name Abyssic Dreams, but little was done. In 2012-13, Memnock (Susperia), Elvorn (Susperia), and André Aaslie (Funeral) revived the band—now simply as Abyssic. Together with Asgeir Mickelson (Ex-Borknagar, Ihsahn), they recorded the debut album ”A Winter’s Tale” in 2016. In 2016, Tjodalv (Susperia, Ex-Dimmu Borgir, Old Man’s Child) and Makhashanah (Asagraum) joined Abyssic. This will be the band’s first concert at Inferno Metal Festival.


Québec horde Spectral Wound plays black metal. Furious and visceral, untrammeled by esoteric posture or grasping idealism. It is music for the poisoned, the futile, the debauched and profane. The blooming of a flower of corruption, torn by cold winds. The Canadians will be unleashing their fourth studio album, 'Songs Of Blood and Mire,' on August 23, 2024, delivering an elegy of the void, seething with the venom and clamor of an ever-emptying world.


Angist is a blackened death metal band from Reykjavik, Iceland. The band was founded by Edda and Gyða back in 2009. After creating a two-track demo the following year, they recorded the EP 'Circle of Suffering' in 2011. After playing several high-profile concerts and festivals in the following years, the band went into hibernation in 2017. Angist has now awakened from their slumber and is working on their debut album. This will be Angist’s first time playing in Norway.


Bythos is a Finnish black metal band with members from bands like Behexen, Ajattara, Chamber of Unlight, Deathchain, and Forgotten Horror, just to name a few... the list is long. Bythos released their debut album 'The Womb of Zero' on Norwegian Terratur Possessions in 2020. Earlier this year, they released the follow-up 'Chthonic Gates Unveiled' on the same label. The band has rarely played live, so the concert at Inferno Metal Festival in 2025 will be a unique chance to see the band.


Syn is a relatively new one-man black metal band from Norway. In 2023, Syn released the debut album 'Villfarelse' on Norwegian Terratur Possessions. With nods to bands like Ulver and Forgotten Woods, mixed with the atmosphere of Vemod and the aggression of Gorgoroth, you might get a sense of what Syn is about. If not, you can find out at Inferno Metal Festival 2025.


With members named after classic Norwegian black metal bands and a fresh album titled 'Death Rave,' there is little doubt that Violent Magic Orchestra from Japan has little regard for rigid genre boundaries and rule-bound musical approaches. To such an extent that it is more natural to describe VMO as a visual art and music project rather than a traditional band. Well-suited with descriptions like 'Kraftwerk gone black metal' and 'Blackened Aphex Twin,' Violent Magic Orchestra shatters the boundaries between club and concert formats in a spectacle that simply MUST be experienced live when they play in Norway for the first time.

INFERNO FESTIVAL NORWAY previously announced the hotel deals for the 2025 edition. The official festival hotel partner is once again the Clarion Hotel® The Hub. Fans can now book their rooms at a discounted rate using the code "INFERNO," which is good until March 17, 2025! For more information can be found via the official Inferno Festival Website or can be booked directly HERE.

The audience, artists, media, and music industry personnel will gather at Clarion The Hub for happenings, partying and a good night sleep.

Moreover, The Inferno Music Conference will take place at the hotel prior to the festival doors opening on Thursday and Friday, for which more info will be revealed soon! Hotel guests will also be treated to an epic and inclusive breakfast buffet that runs until 11:00 A.M. (it's worth waking up early for!) as well as free access to the swimming pool and sauna.

The Hub boasts Oslo’s best location, right in the city centre, next to Oslo Central Station and the

Airport Express Train. It's also only about a five-minute walk from the iconic rock bars and venues in which Inferno Festival will be hosting bands and special events: Rockefeller & John Dee, Salt, Kniven, Vaterland, Brewgata and Rock In, allowing guest to travel freely without the expense of taxis or transit.

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