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  • Jason Hesley

Horror Metal Project Nargathrond Presents "Rivers Of Blood" Video!

Nargathrond proudly presents "Rivers Of Blood," a chilling exploration of revenge, power, and the haunting consequences of violence. Combining influences from Black Metal, Synthwave, and various other genres, Nargathrond crafts a unique musical experience that delves into the macabre realms of horror storytelling.

In this haunting track, Nargathrond, led by the visionary artist The Runaway Wild, narrates the tale of a vengeful spirit who revels in inflicting pain upon those unfortunate enough to cross her path. The ethereal performance of The Runaway Wild creates a haunting atmosphere immersing listeners into the world of Nargathrond's sinister vision.

"Rivers Of Blood" is another enticing preview from Nargathrond's upcoming album, "Killing Season," scheduled for release on June 16th, via Wormholedeath.

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