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  • Jason Hesley

HIEROPHANT: Italian death-black metal force premiere new live album “Gateway to the Abyss”

Italy’s death-black metal force HIEROPHANT unleash their live album, “Gateway to the Abyss”, out on March 29th 2024 via Dusktone Records.

Recorded during their acclaimed concert at France’s Hellfest in 2023, “Gateway to the Abyss” offers a fresh take on the band’s latest album, “Death Siege” (Season Of Mist). To HIEROPHANT, Hellfest was a monumental occasion, where these musicians and an enormous production came together to forge a frantic and vigorous spectacle.

The songs remain the same, but captured in the urgency of a live environment, they appear even rawer and heavier than they were originally, and the maturation of the last couple of years spent on the road, following the conquest of several prestigious stages (MetalDays, Party.San and many others), makes them more savage.

"Gateway to the Abyss" is the most feral representation of what HIEROPHANT is about: hatred, blood, nihility. FIRE WILL RISE!

Pre-orders and the first single "Death Siege" are now available at THIS LOCATION.


01. Mortem Aeternam (Intro)

02. Seeds of Vengeance

03. Devil Incarnate

04. In Chaos, In Death

05. Death Siege

06. Nemesis of thy Mortals

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