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  • Jason Hesley

Gritty Primitive Death Metal Takes A Gory Turn In CHUNKED’s “Inhaling The Infestation” Lyric Video!

Heavy and simple is one way to describe Chunked’s specific blend of death metal, it is also raw, violent, and full of skin-crawling themes. They have already released their debut album “Inhaling the Infestation” digitally and will have a physical release (CD/Cassette) coming May 3, 2024, from Gore House Productions. Right now they are releasing the lyric video for the title track, which they describe;

“Inhaling the Infestation” is a power ballad about a swarm of insects slowly taking over a human body, very painfully and meticulously. It is a well-structured and catchy track that will make your knuckles sink towards the ground and start grinding across the floor.”

Band leader and founder Arian Mauk promises a grimy experience that will compel fans to drag their knuckles on the ground, reverting to a Neanderthal-like state of de-evolution. The singles, he assures, will induce the same raw, primitive energy.

Mauk's approach to songwriting involves an initial structural idea, hooks, moments, and tempo considerations, all channeled through the raw energy of the first four frets. With the band now performing live with a full lineup, the material has evolved to encompass the intensity of their stage presence.

The violence and brutality in tracks such as “Liquid Cranial Detonation”, “Submerged in Rotten Sewage” and “Pulsing Excrement” are sure to delight death metal fans around the world especially those who enjoy Sanguisugabogg, Torsofuck, and Bodybox.

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