• Jason Hesley

Get to know Extreme Prog Metal band "Spiral Fracture"

Spiral Fracture is an American Extreme-Progressive Metal band from Richmond, Virginia. Their current line-up consists of vocalist Amanda Perry, drummer Brian Fisher, guitarist Dave Givens, and bassist Brian Tanner. Spiral Fracture delivers complex, polymetered drum patterns, distorted melodic guitar riffs, slapping bass, and melodic metal vocals.

In 2012, Spiral Fracture won the 'Headbang for the Highway Battle of the Bands' contest in Springfield, Virginia for a spot on the 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival, performing alongside with bands such as: Anthrax, Whitechapel, Motorhead, Slayer, and Slipknot. Spiral Fracture released their first album entitled ' T h e S i t e o f S u f f e r i n g ' i n 2 0 1 3 a n d their second studio album 'Dismantled' in 2017.

The band has been in the studio for several months recording their most recent collection of 'singles' at Indoor Suns Studios. These newest songs can be located on various music platforms throughout the internet community. S p i r a l F r a c t u r e h a s b e c o m e k n o w n f o r their innovative, progressive-melodies, poly-rhythmic & atmospheric sound. Derived from a diverse background, Spiral Fracture combines all aspects of experimental rock and heavy metal. Spiral Fracture was signed to Indoor Suns Productions in January 2019.

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