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  • Jason Hesley

FLIDAIS to release "Pathogen" in January!

Pathogen, the upcoming concept album, sees each song is based around a virus that turns out to originate entirely in the mind. Opening with the melody-fueled "Incursion", this instrumental introduction sets the scene for FLIDAIS' dynamic sound. "Obsession" sees traditional metal influences emerge with soaring vocals and distorted rhythms. The narrative here unfolds as motivation to fight the virus begins to fail allowing it to take hold. "Darkness" delivers a multi-textual offering with haunting low tones, minimalist instrumental parts that eerily build, and a shadowy mood. The manifestation continues in the form of the high-speed "Infection" and the intricacies of "Calamity". "Eradication" unleashes a ferocious onslaught of gloomy heavy, exploring a connection to the spirit world where the infected are given another chance for redemption. The penultimate "Reprisal" is a call to arms to fight against the terror of the Pathogen. Musically journeying through different atmospheres, including a sombre classical piano section, before returning to metal realms. The concluding "Departure" bookends the album with an acoustic guitar driven instrumental piece.


FLIDAIS's origins are tracked back to Calvin and Josh playing together since they were teenagers until a full band line-up formed around 2013, and they released their debut EP in 2016. 2020 saw the band re-established with a few line-up changes and now Pathogen marks the beginning of a new chapter.

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