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  • Jason Hesley

Finnish melodic death metal band Numento has released their third full length album!

The new album, "The Antimatter Fantasy" continues and develops the band’s trademark musical style. Numento’s unique sound seamlessly combines the brutality and aggression of extreme metal with catchy ethereal melodies. Numento stands out with the phenomenally diverse vocal styles, ranging from operatic to death metal growls. The new album features finnish traditional instrument, kantele, on half of the tracks.

The album was produced and mixed by German producer Chris Herrle, whose hands carefully honed the structures and sounds of the songs to make them as hard-hitting as possible. By working with international professionals, the album takes a great leap forward in the band's production level.

The album title "The Antimatter Fantasy" refers to a fantasy leading to immense destruction, and to a world of thought in which all suffering inflicted on others is justified. Dictators, cult leaders and other pathological personalities have to believe that they are so important and special that they can do anything, as long as their own power and ego are secured. The theme of the album thus continues to explore the nature of evil begun on "The Vile Entity" (2022), but "The Antimatter Fantasy" also reflects the state of the world today and reflects more deeply on the consequences of evil. The album, however, also has a hopeful note, reminding that it is possible to break free from the grip of evil.


Listen to the album on music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Tidal etc.):

The album's artwork was again done by the band's guitarist Aleksi Vehmassalo, and a special mention should be made of the hand-animated music video for the song "Opilion", which took a whole year to make. The other music videos were made by Kai Lukander (photography, editing) and Aleksi Vehmassalo (script, editing).

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