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Exitus Stratagem Records - Out June 17 - Album Promo - VORAATH - Vol 1: The Hymn of the Hunters!

VORAATH's new album "Vol 1: The Hymn of the Hunters" is due out on June 17th just before they kick off their tour dates with Gorgatron and Casket Robbery.

Tour Dates w/ Gorgatron, Casket Robbery, Voraath

June 19 - Fargo, ND - The Aquarium

June 21 - Missoula, MT - The Dark Horse

June 22 - Richland, WA - Ray’s Golden Lion

June 23 - Seatle, WA - The Funhouse

June 24 - Portland, OR - Twilight Cafe and Bar

June 26 - San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge

June 27 - Hollywood, CA - Knucklehead

June 28 - San Diego, CA - Brick by Brick

June 29 - San Louis Obispo, CA - Humdinger Brewing

June 30 - Tempe, AZ - Metal Head’s Clubhouse

July 1 - El Paso, TX - Rock House

July 2 - Thornton, CO - Trailside Saloon

July 3 - Albuquerque, NM - Rensden

July 5 - Austin, TX - Come and Take it Live

July 6 - Corpus Christi, TX - Boozerz Rock Bar

July 7 - Houston, TX - The Compound

July 8 - New Orleans, LA - The Goat

July 9 - Nashville, TN - The End

July 10 - Springfield, MO - The Odyssey

July 11 - Lincoln, NB - Cosmic Eye

July 12 - Kansas City, MO - Farewell

July 13 - Sioux Falls, SD - Bigs


August 24 - Battle Creek, MI - Michigan Metal Fest - Leila Arboretum - info

Quick Info:

Prepare for a unique extreme metal experience as USA’s Voraath will unveil its debut album “Vol 1: The Hymn of the Hunters” next month on June 17th on Exitus Stratagem Records. The band encapsulates real-life events in their complex musical universe, inviting listeners to join them on a dystopian planet through their immersive storytelling. This album is not just heavy and brutal; it's a thought-provoking investment into another world, scored with metal.

“Vol 1: The Hymn of the Hunters” represents months of meticulous development, where each member played an essential role in refining and expanding the complex world that accompanies the music. Dressed as characters from their own dystopian lore, the band becomes god-hunters on a mission, clad in tactical armor and Alien-like helmets with red glowing lights.

With this release, Voraath wants to take the listener into another world and take them on a journey that is heavy yet sad, brutal yet immersive, and boldly scored with metal. They are recommended for metal fans who want to dig into a rich tapestry of sci-fi storytelling and who enjoy Acid Bath, Septic Flesh, and Gojira.

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