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  • Jason Hesley

ELUVEITIE - release new lyric video for the single 'Aidus'!

ast month ELUVEITIE came back with their new song 'Aidus'. Today, the band is releasing the brand new lyric video. After the first video for 'Aidus' already has more than 700 thousand plays on YouTube, the fantastic lyric video for the song now follows.

Founding member Chrigel Glanzmann comments on the approach: "Definitely one of the harshest songs of Eluveitie ever. It's the sheer consequence of our spiritual journey with "Ategnatos": We're no longer a "Celtic Metal" band... a metal band singing about celtic history. We're Celts playing metal music from all our hearts. We're no more a "Pagan Metal" band. We are metal music playing pagans from all our hearts, gashing principles of our modern societies with our ancient message like a surgical blade. That's probably the best way to describe our new single. Deal with it!"

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