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Coventhrall releases the long-awaited space adventure album!

Coventhrall shoots the toughest space adventure of the year for all friends of Sci-fi and flamboyant metal music. Debut album "Legacy Of Morfuidra" leads listeners towards far away galaxies and folds of space and time. The music itself is solid power metal resembling such bands as Blind Guardian and Gamma Ray.


Listen to the album on music services (Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, Deezer etc):

Check the whole album with the artwork as video:

Warning: Spoiler alert!

“The villains of the story: Space pirates aka Scavens invade the peaceful planet and solar system of Morfuidra in order to enslave the people and to steal technology and artifacts most sought after in the entire galaxy. The Elders "Morfuidran government" refuse to give up and choose a young man "the hero of the story" to bear the artifacts and fearsome weapons of times long forgotten, to become their Avatar and send him out on a quest to seek help from the Galactic Emperor and the famous mercenary force Nova Burst. Also, the Emperor's daughter Princess Celeste joins in the quest to fight for the freedom of Morfuidra.”

Legacy Of Morfuidra -track list:

01. Prologue

02. Morfuidra

03. Dreadnought

04. In These Halls

05. Avatar

06. Space Race

07. Galactic Emperor

08. Empress In The Making

09. Nova Burst

10. Battle In The Morfuidran Expanse

11. Victory


The singer and writer of the story Sami Ilvonen describes his feelings about the publishing of the album:

“I've always been a big fan of Sci-fi movies, series and books. Since the beginning of my musical career, it has been my dream to write a Sci-fi team album. It has been a long hard and tenuous process and it has felt almost impossible at times. Will this ever get done? Luckily, I have been surrounded by capable supportive musicians willing to push on and make it happen. I feel like I can smile and breathe again.”


The music is composed and produced by Toni Bite and Jukka Hoffrèn. The album was recorded and ready for release years ago, but was mystically lost by unknown reason to the earth orbit amongst other space debris. Luckily by some miracle it was rediscovered and finally it’s ready to be released.

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