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  • Jason Hesley

Chilling black metal force Meister Leonhardt unveil the bleak horror of Thanatopoeia..

It’s been three years since Meister Leonhardt first lurched into our consciousness, appearing from the shadows like a plague bearing prophet of doom; riddled with disease and spreading death with every dragging footstep. Now, with a new rhythm section initiated into their grim ranks, Meister Leonhardt have returned with another blizzard of freezing, nihilistic black metal – ready to tear your dreams asunder and grind your face into the cold grave dirt of reality. Comprised of eight new hymns of horror, with the black blood of cruelty crawling sluggishly through their veins, Thanatopoeia welcomes you to the endless night, with a toothless grin and a rotten embrace…

Since forming in 2019, a collective of musicians with a wealth of experience in the deepest chasms of the metal underground, Meister Leonhardt have striven to invoke the callous wickedness that lies at the heart of black metal in its purest, most unforgiving form. While the songs this band create are undoubtedly carved into configurations born entirely from their own spiteful imaginings, the spirit that animates these chilling, decaying forms is as old as time itself – the essence of death.

Thanatopoeia opens with the foreboding tones of ‘Bliss Of Impermanence’ and drags the listener into a grimly hypnotic pageant of morbidity, where grotesque monstrosities perform soul destroying tragedies, endless celebrations of the inevitability of death and the meaningless nature of all that comes before it. Twisted melodies and weaving rhythms, furious riffs and cracked, caustic vocalisations, onslaughts of bone-breaking cold and life-swallowing darkness…the deepest melancholy, the vilest poisons, the trappings of funeral ritual and the glorification of absolute, unending nothingness. There is no kind word to be found in the black tirade of Thanatopoeia!

In alliance with Germany’s purveyors of macabre magick, Purity Through Fire, Meister Leonhardt will cast the pestilence of Thanatopoeia into the winds on March 21st, sending its darkness and death to every corner of the earth. Guard yourselves against the coming of night and keep the watch fires lit, for something wicked this way comes…

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