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  • Jason Hesley

Chicago Death/Black Metal Punks Wretched Blessing (Ft. Members Of Yautja, Coliseum, Immortal Bird) To Release Debut EP On 4/26!

Chicago based duo Wretched Blessing (featuring members of Yautja, Immortal Bird, Coliseum, and more) are set to release their debut self-titled EP on April 26. To celebrate the news, the band has released the new single “Spurious Ovation.”

"This is the first song we wrote for this project, and we wanted to cover a lot of stylistic ground while still keeping things tight," says guitarist/vocalist Kayhan Vaziri. "Lyrically, it's about people who fixate on the projections and perceived lives of others. It's criticizing that behavior, directed toward people who are willfully rotting their minds."

Drummer and vocalist Rae Amitay (they/them) adds, "Almost everyone employs these parasitic forms of interaction that have been engineered to waste our time and exploit our instability. This song is placing the ire more upon people who seem untroubled, and consumed by these shallow environments."

  • Wretched Blessing's debut self-titled EP seamlessly combines death metal, black metal, hardcore, and punk for 16 minutes, with each song blending genres in shifting proportions. While the lyrics delve into systems of oppression, cronyism, and pure anger.

  • Both members of Wretched Blessing are multifaceted musicians, having spent most of their lives recording, touring, and performing different roles in various bands since they were teenagers. Spending time in other bands such as Woods of Ypres, Thrawsunblat, Legion, Eight Bells, which led to the involvement of their current projects.

  • The EP was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Pete Grossmann (Weekend Nachos, Frail Body, Inclination) and recorded in January 2024 at Bricktop Studios in Chicago.

  • The music will appeal to fans of Bolt Thrower, Celtic Frost, His Hero Is Gone, Napalm Death, Integrity, and Pig Destroyer.

"It's exciting to have a new outlet where we can essentially write whatever we want to hear and play, pooling our influences and strengths. It's not a catch-all for ideas that don’t fit our other bands, it's a project that we want to fully realize over several recordings, live performances, and visual art," says Amitay.

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