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  • Jason Hesley

CETRAGORE’s Extreme New Single “Changer Of Ways”

Cetragore, from Quincy, USA has been creating an extreme blend of “Nerd Metal” since their inception in 2019. Following the success of their debut EP “Chancellors of Death” and the critically acclaimed LP “Plagued by Birth” they now have a new track “Changer of Ways” coming out that mixes black, death, and sludge metal with deathcore and themes from Warhammer. The band comments on the track:

“Changer of Ways was the first piece we wrote as a true 3 piece. It stands for the shifts and twists we took as a unit when we started writing as 3, but we love the results. It tells the tale of someone caught up in webs they are not equipped for, woven by one who relishes in your indecision causing you to believe his twisted plan. This is the second song in a cycle loosely based on certain demon lords from the Warhammer universe.”

Known for their nerdy humor and lyrical themes revolving around gaming and cults, Cetragore also takes inspiration from Magic the Gathering, and video games and breeds sonic terror with pummeling yet funky drumming, punishing and groovy rhythms, searing and soaring leads, and a hell-raising vocal attack.

Reflecting on their musical journey, Cetragore's evolution from death thrash to more blackened death influences has been evident in their recent releases. With “Changer of Ways” they push even further and invite fans to be seduced by chaos. They are especially appropriate for fans of Cradle of Filth, Dying Fetus, and Unearth.

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