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BURNING LEGION release debut single "I Am Domination"

American multi genre metal band BURNING LEGION have released their debut single "I Am Domination"

From the ashes of 2022, Burning Legion was formed from the solo project of bassist Mayhem. Burning Legion is a heavy metal online studio band with members from California (Mayhem and Adrian Moya) and from the state of Connecticut (Erik Fernandez).

After the release of Mayhem’s solo album “Unbroken”, Erik Fernandez (Guitarist) and Adrian Moya (Guitarist) started Burning Legion with Mayhem. The band is currently working on their debut album “En Sabah Nur” for a late Summer - early Fall release.

Burning Legion draws influence from all aspects of metal. The band has been described to be very difficult to place in a genre. One thing is for sure, the band brings the heavy. The band’s goal was to create heavy music for fans from all the genres and sub-genres of heavy music. Influences like Black Sabbath, Pantera, Trivium, Vader, Morbid Angel, Iron Maiden, At the Gates, Testament etc. Burning Legion is not afraid to cross and blend genres to give the listener and their fans something different with every track.

Burning Legion released their first single “I am Domination” from their upcoming debut album “En Sabah Nur”. The band is currently working on writing their first album and is active on social media (Instagram and Tiktok). The band has upload play through videos of the song “Unbroken” from Mayhem’s solo album on YouTube.

“I love working with those guys, I have known Mayhem for close to 15 years now and these guys always bring the heavy” – Jonny Savag (Producer, Musician, Video Director) from Cloud Error Productions LLC.

“Am I so lucky to be one of the first ones to hear the single “I am Domination” and it is so heavy! It is a perfect mix of modern and old school metal” – Steven Loza (Musician, Writer)

“I’ve heard “I am Domination” numerous of times already. I think what I love most is that it’s a little outside of my favorite sub genres but still my favorite track that Mayhem has produced! F*king banger! – Hugo Juarez (Photographer, Graphic Artist, Designer) Heavy Defenders Studios.

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