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  • Jason Hesley

BLOODY FALLS to release the EP "Dying is Easy"

Dying is easy and living can be hard, but now we Bloody Falls will give you a reason to keep going! 
Our new EP "Dying is Easy" is coming out soon and oh my what a banger it is!
From the opening till the closing of the EP it's a constant explosion of heavy riffs, dark melodies and mosh pit
inducing rhythms. It will be hard not to headbang to these riffs or to stay still to say the least.
"Dying is Easy" is a pleasant darker turn for Bloody Falls when it comes to overall tone, you'll hear some black metal,
some melodic death metal, even some thrash metal and most importantly groove metal!
The mixing and mastering of this EP from Max Morton is simply mind blowing, almost literally when you hear
the punch and dynamics this EP has you'll understand what we're talking about. The artwork from Jesus Lhysta (aka The Rotted Artist)
is also an amazing piece of art representing exactly what we had in mind for the cover art to be!

Our thoughts: this is a major step up from our previous successful release "Burn the Witch". Every song has so much character,
the mixing and mastering just isn't possible to get any better (you can't perfect perfection), the playing of each band member is super tight and the length of th EP will you satisfied if not wanting for more!
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