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  • Jason Hesley


The dawn of 2020 witnessed a joint conjuration of barbarism and devastation from two unholy Israeli hordes most aptly entitled "Summoners of Storm".

With relentless fervor, BARBARIC HOWLER and COSMIC CONQUEROR (both SONNE ADAM related) unlock this procession of doom each with two tracks of profane Black/Death Metal savagery marked by grave demonic guitar streams invoking the very depths of Hades conspiring with an organic pulsing rhythmic flare, almost martial in its precision and austerity.

Wandering through slow landscapes of hypnotizing riffing and blast-beating outbreaks of evil, a voice from the abyss leads this hostile mantra of Death worship emanating a genuine aura of funereal darkness. Utterly dense and hypnotizing, enter the sepulcher and summon a supreme piece of spectral Metal of Death.

Recently unleashed on a cassette tape edition, Dawnbreed Records now emits this cursing tome on vinyl in conspiracy with Evil Eye Productions in an edition of 189 units.

100 copies on black vinyl and 89 copies of galaxy grey vinyl.

Release date: 3rd December 2021


01. Barbaric Howler - Armageddonian Intolerance

02. Barbaric Howler - Into the Fire that Burns I Born

03. Cosmic Conqueror - Eon Tenebra

04. Cosmic Conqueror - Return the Pyramidion

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