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AURALAYER share "Gelozie" video, tour w/ Faerie Ring!

Auralayer, the visionary and captivating band out of Greenville, SC, share the official video for their new single today via Heavy Blog is Heavy. Watch/share "Gelozie" HERE. (Direct YouTube.)

The song is also now available on all streaming platforms today, following the Metal Sucks exclusive premiere HERE.

"We began working on 'Gelozie' pretty quickly after tracking Thousand Petals," says guitarist Thomas Powell about the single. "It was definitely a lightning in a bottle moment for us. The song came together fast. I’m glad we approached the studio when we did, though. Thousand Petals gave us that first needed experience to really get our feet wet, and I feel like 'Gelozie' greatly benefited from it. We took our time experimenting while tracking and had a blast. Of course having Phil backing us once again on this one was incredibly helpful, his insight is irreplaceable." 

Delivering a unique blend of powerful doom riffs, kinetic progressive rock drums, and electrifying pop-inspired melodies, Auralayer is impressively heavy and undeniably catchy. 

The band’s signature brand of metal comes from its members’ diverse musical interests. “I’m really into doom, especially bands like High on Fire,” says guitarist Thomas Powell. “Vladimir, the drummer, is really into progressive rock, and his favorite drummer is Neil Peart. And Jake, our bassist, really likes pop music—The Beatles and Talking Heads.” Thanks to those disparate influences, the band is largely unencumbered by typical doom and stoner rock clichés during the writing phase—a fact that has helped them develop their own original metal sound. 

To help them harness their energetic musical vision, the band recruited Philip Cope, the founder of the experimental metal band Kylesa, to engineer, mix, and master their debut at Jam Room Recording Studio in Columbia, SC. As with Kylesa, Cope helped to capture and channel the band’s diverse influences and experimentation into a cohesive sonic palette—on both the debut album and the band’s 2021 Solar Plexus EP. 

“Phil has had a huge influence on me as an artist,” says Powell, “so it was great having him around. He’s just as passionate about our music as we are, so it almost feels like he’s part of the band. And since he’s worked on so many cool projects, like the first Baroness album, he has so many cool perspectives and great attention to detail, and that really helped us capture the sound we were going for.” 

Thousand Petals is available on LP, CD and download, released on July 14th, 2023 via King Volume Records. Pre-orders are available HERE.


05/16 Johnson City, TN - The Hideaway (w/ Faerie Ring)

05/17 Paducah, KY - Dry Grounds Brewing (w/ Faerie Ring)

05/18 Louisville, KY - Magbar (w/ Faerie Ring)

05/19 Bowling Green, KY - Molotov Skateshop (w/ Faerie Ring)

05/20 Chattanooga, TN - Cherry St. Tavern (w/ Faerie Ring)

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