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  • Jason Hesley

Ashen Skies Announces Release of Alternative Metal Self-Titled EP!

The alternative metal scene is set to welcome a fresh, compelling voice as Ashen Skies announces their self-titled EP, "Ashen Skies," released on all platforms May 31st, 2024.

Ashen Skies, comprising Joe and Jay from Gosport, UK, and Nik, a former member of 12 Foot Ninja from Melbourne, Australia, is poised to make waves with their innovative sound and cross-continental collaboration. Fans of bands like 12 Foot Ninja will find much to admire in Ashen Skies' distinctive blend of alternative metal.

With a musical partnership spanning over 30 years, Joe and Jay's decision to embark on a new project as a duo came from a desire for unrestricted creative freedom. In late 2023, Jay reached out to Nik, who quickly resonated with their artistic vision. Thus, Ashen Skies was born, with the trio sharing and developing musical ideas across continents over the next five months.

The result of their collaboration is the self-titled EP "Ashen Skies," which showcases their ability to blend diverse influences and innovative ideas seamlessly. The EP is a testament to their free-roaming approach and the creative synergy that drives their music.

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