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  • Jason Hesley

A Night in Texas to release "Digital Apocalypse" on August 2nd!


Pre-save now available here:  

‘Apex of Agony’ streaming everywhere now - lyric video premiering over at our YouTube channel.


1 - Programmed To Suffer

2 - The Destruction Of Everything

3 - Welcome To The Gulag

4 - Mechanized Genocide (feat. Dane Evans @tothegraveau )

5 - The Chamber

6 - Engraved In Time

7 - Death Protocol

8 - Apex Of Agony

9 - Neural Malignancy

10 - Cybernetic Conquest

Produced & Engineered by Cory Judd

Assistant Engineered Jakub Malasek

Mixed and mastered by Lasse Lammert, LSD Studios

“Digital Apocalypse is the final form of A Night In Texas. This release represents the culmination of a tumultuous and challenging creativity endeavor for the band over the last 2 years.

“In essence, Digital Apocalypse paints the picture of a grim and pragmatic society that has pigeon holed itself into a redundant and counter productive existence. This record explores themes related to the complacent struggle between efficiency and self sabotage, the enslavement of mankind by artificial intelligence and the potential malevolence is lurking in our not too distant future.“

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