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  • Jason Hesley

Zimbabwean Death Metal Project NUCLEAR WINTER Release New Single "The Glimmering Landscape"

Zimbabwe's NUCLEAR WINTER, the death metal project of Gary Stautmeister have revealed "The Glimmering Landscape". The song is the first single from the upcoming album Seagrave which will be released on July 21, 2023 via MMD Records.

NUCLEAR WINTER is gearing up to unveil the new album Seagrave on July 21st. Fusing thundering heavy rhythms with haunting choirs and dynamic electronic textures, the new offering unleashes a powerful wall of sound.

"Get ready for my latest NUCLEAR WINTER album - Seagrave. With a deliberate focus on heavier sounds and a simpler approach to songwriting, Seagrave isn't just about pure aggression. This album also showcases a bigger incorporation of choir elements that help add an epic dimension to the sound. The result I feel is a step forward from my previous work." - Gary Stautmeister

Seagrave is a voyage through darkening realms, carrying a sombre mood across the album. Opening with "The Glimmering Landscape", this track is about leaving a hopeless place, but will the new place be any better? "Starward Longing" explores how things in life don’t work out as one had hoped while "Fates Mysteries" focuses on the frustrations of trying to achieve something but bad luck keeps getting in the way. The following track "Thy Shadows Fall" shows how trying times can eventually wear a person down and "The Grave is Wide" uses imagery of an ocean storm that represents difficult and trying times in life. "The Dusk and the Song" sees a shift in the mood, with a contradictory notion of feeling a sense of peace surrounded by a dark desolate place. Nostalgia over an old memory is the meaning behind the penultimate "Pale Memories", before the concluding "Black Waters" ends on the dark news of a loved one being lost at sea.

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