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  • Jason Hesley

YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS Celebrate 15th Anniversary with New Standalone Single, “Mates Together”

Sink me! The notorious pirates YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS offer a precious surprise from their treasury in the form of the brand new, catchy standalone single, “Mates Together”. Fighting side by side and ruling over the seven seas, the Swedish sea-pillagers celebrate an incredible blood bond of 15 years! Rowing through rough seas and salty winds, the track is accompanied by a swashbuckling lyric video and invites fellows to raise their horns to the imaginary journey.

Hauling towards their 15 Years A Privateer summer tour, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS pull their buccaneers on deck to celebrate their singalong hymns and unmistakably folksy tunes! With furious sets at festivals like Wacken Open Air, they offer honest and energetic folk tunes and foul ramblings to secure their unique position in the genre. These Swedish marauders of the sea take you through the ups and downs of the pirate life!


“It has been 15 years since our band was founded after a drunken night at a pirate themed floating bar in the middle of our hometown, Umeå. The past decade and a half has been one hell of a ride. To commemorate this anniversary, we wanted to write a song not just for us, but for the pirate community as a whole, and for all of our fans and who have supported us throughout this journey.

Without you, YE BANISHED PRIVATEERS simply would not exist. But thanks to your loyal support, our crew of musicians rolls over 20 pirates deep, and our ship sails across Europe all around the year. ‘Mates Together’ is a song about how life sometimes hits you hard in the back of your head, but if you roll with the punches and sail with the wind, you can discover treasures of undying friendship and bonds that can withstand the hardest storms.”

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