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Indiana blackened thrash and speed metal band WRAITH has today announced their signing to Prosthetic Records, with their new album, Fueled By Fear, due to be released via the Los Angeles label on June 28. Accompanying the signing and album announcement, WRAITH has shared lead single and music video, Heathen's Touch.

Speaking on the signing and album announcement, WRAITH comments: “We are beyond excited to finally announce our signing with Prosthetic, along with the announcement of our new record Fueled By Fear. As a band that has been around a little while, we believe that this partnership will help push us to the next level. It is an absolute honor to work with a label that has been so instrumental in metal, and we hope that we can leave our mark like many other Prosthetic artists before us.”

Of Heathen's Touch, the band adds: “Heathen’s Touch feels like a pummeling introduction to our new record. I believe that the song displays all the elements WRAITH fans, new and old, have come to appreciate. The song rips from start to finish, and it has one of our favorite bridge sections on the entire record.”

What started as a one-man band in 2016, WRAITH has evolved into a propulsive beast of a band. Channeling a reverence to classic metal from a bygone era, WRAITH incorporate their distinctively blistering sonic signature to create something urgent and contemporary. The band have previously described their collective mission as follows: a war of aggression on the dour confines of the modern metal scene and total sonic annihilation.

Fueled By Fear captures the raw punk edge of their previous releases; a sound that will already be familiar to converts who have caught the band live in all their full-throttled abrasive glory. The album was self-produced by the band in Griffith, Indiana, with engineering, mixing and mastering handled by CJ Rayson. Each member brings their own influences and stylistic flourishes to the table, combining to create a tightly wound, cohesive collection of scorching tracks that reflect their individual personalities and tastes.

Thematically the album explores a dystopian landscape where the boundaries between fiction and reality are blurred, and global and political tensions form in a powder keg of fraught possibilities. Whilst the tales they weave are rooted in reality and an interest in religion, history and political science, they have given themselves free reign to explore the outer reaches of nightmarish possibilities.

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