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  • Jason Hesley

Will to Live drop new video for "Molded"

Formed in 1997 with the purpose of establishing a united Texas Hardcore scene, Will To Live was at the forefront of a new wave of bands in Texas that would eventually carry the flag of Texas Hardcore beyond the Lone Star State and aid their local scene in becoming a hotbed for internationally renowned acts such as Power Trip, Frozen Soul, Iron Age, Bitter End, and more.

Combining insightful, inspiring lyrics with the unmistakable spirit and ethos of hardcore punk and the brutality of death metal breakdowns, Will To Live has written pummeling anthems that have earned the band a die-hard following in Texas and abroad for over twenty years. Now in 2023, history continues for Will To Live. Helmed by Rob "Rob to Live" Galdamez on vocals, Mike “Fury” Arellano (Spirit Adrift, MOD) on drums, Eric Gibson on bass, Daniel Austin (Tooth and Claw, Die Young) on guitars, and Chris “Conflict” Hatfield on guitars, Will To Live returns with new material on their upcoming album “The Therapy Sessions" – a wall of sound as heavy as any in the band’s history, but with a fresh, masterful delivery.

The lyrics for each track are conceptually representative of notes from a therapy session. These 8 tracks encompass 7 stories of individuals surviving firsthand accounts of emotional abuse, spousal abuse, indoctrination, loss, depression, post-traumatic stress, etc. The band considers this not only their best performance on record, but also their most urgent and necessary lyrical material to date – as friends, loved ones, and society in general continue to battle with unaddressed mental health issues.

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