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  • Jason Hesley

Western Canada's Decimate Metal Fest Announces 2022 Lineup!

Western Canada's Decimate Metal Fest is proud to announce its 2022 lineup for its two-day open-air extreme live music event being hosted on June 24th and 25th in High River, AB (45 minutes south of Calgary) on the outdoor grounds of the High River Brewing Company.

The 3rd edition of Decimate Metal Fest presented by Voxx Entertainment will witness the brute force of headliners Regina, SK loud shockers Planet Eater, and Fort McMurray, Alberta's metalcore titans Arrival of Autumn lead the way for over 20+ acts of both local and traveling youth and adult musicians and bands performing this year. (full line up listed below with more to be announced). The 2022 festival will also be an all-ages event.

Planet Eater has been a staple source of extreme loud blasting from barren prairies, spreading their influence into Western Canada and beyond. The sound of Planet Eater is as unique as it is familiar, blending thrash and death metal with crushing grooves and devastating vocals. Fans who have yet to see them will be captivated by their live spectacle and the uncontrollable urges to eternally headbang.

Arrival of Autumn performs in support of their latest album "Harbringer" released in 2019 via Nuclear Blast. The band is a guitar-driven riff-heavy machine with fast double kick and vocal hooks to leave you humming our songs all day. Although they play fast they aren't afraid to slow it down with beautiful atmospheric passages to add a much-needed dynamic that is missing from a lot of music today. Arrival Of Autumn is very dynamic and versatile able to please anyone from a rock fan to even the most hardcore death metal fans. They choose not to limit themselves, which allows them to be so accessible.

Decimate Metal Fest 2022 Line Up (more to be announced):

Planet Eater Arrival of Autumn Snakepit Caveat Quietus Skepsis Volt No More Moments Infrastrvctvre Luminosity Lÿnx Storm The Empire Hazzardous Material Craig Carswell Downpour (Youth Band) Mixed Blame (Youth Band) Lethal Mentality (Youth Band) Vicarious Vandalism (Youth Band) Lightning Ant Music School (Youth Band)

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