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Weightless World’s second album ‘Sleepwalker’ out on November 9th!

Finnish modern melodic metal quintet Weightless World is under a month away on releasing their second album called Sleepwalker. Five energetic, heavy-hitting and melody-packed singles have already been released from the album and now it’s time for the last one before the album release. The band states that ‘Eyes Of A God’ is a triumph of melodies and heaviness combined into this massive sounding experience that has something special.

‘’When talking about demos I’ve never been more sure and convinced of the potential of one as Eyes Of A God. The first version however was more melancholic and slower and it was in desperate need of an energy spike to become from something good into something special. So I took the song and by my vision started to arrange the base rhythm into more upbeat and composed a couple new parts to make it richer and more interesting. The result is an epic and a fascinating hybrid of ‘energetic heaviness’ and is still giving me chills when listening to it’’, describes guitarist Valtteri Viinikka.

The vocalist of the band Perttu Korhonen tells that he usually avoids writing about topics considering faith and religious themes but couldn’t pass the sensation the song caused for him. ‘The song this big just about screamed to use the most known and most powerful metaphor that mankind knows. ‘Eyes Of A God’, ain’t it the one.’

Directed and shot by Tino-Viljami Vanhala, the music video of the song was shot at Kotka and at a national park of Repovesi. A magnificent shots from Finnish nature and a fierce commitment from everyone, especially from Korhonen for traveling the whole shooting day with bare feet, showcases the struggle of a person that keeps carrying their burden, unconsciously or consciously, alone.

‘’The burden may be this assorted load consisting of many small things that together feel much heavier and are harder to keep carrying with you. And what’s even more strange is the fact that letting go of that stuff can be surprisingly hard. Including from those things that at the end would be pretty minor stuff if one could only look at them objectively’’, tells Viinikka.

Watch the music video:

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