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  • Jason Hesley

WASP MOTHER Release Video For "Gravemouth"

WASP MOTHER have released a music video for "Gravemouth", taken from the new EP Digital Pollution which is available to stream now. Bringing a chaotic onslaught of blastbeats and sheer untamed power, WASP MOTHER combine grind, death and hardcore packaged together in a heavy sound that is designed for moshing. 

Kevin Sigourney on the Digital Pollution EP:

"Digital Pollution is a tongue-in-cheek jab at the modern idea of artists as content creators with each successive work being left behind as new content fills the void of malaise. With the digitization of art, the constant flow of social media feeds and the twenty-four-second-news-cycle our appetites and attention span for media has become insatiable in a way where the meaning of the art we’re viewing is being lost in a sea of likes, comments, the all-knowing algorithm. Spiraling through depressive doom-scrolling while trying to climb the fettered ladder between streaming movies, tv shows, audio books and videogames Digital Pollution found itself contrived amongst classic literature, real world pain, and the horrors of history. This is our way of saying, 'Shut the fuck up and listen, this is bigger than us, this is bigger than you.' Stop and smell the fucking garbage."

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