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  • Jason Hesley

VORDONA to release the Album "Quadrivium" on June 27th!

Meant to be an experience from start to finish, Quadrivium is an emotive piece of work doubling as the debut album of progressive metal outfit, Vordona. Combining orchestral arrangements, ethereal soundscapes and, most importantly, hard hitting rock, listeners are bound to feel the strong potency of the music.

Beginning with a score displaying the heavily adopted orchestral facet, the listener is primed for the concepts presented in Quadrivium with an ominous, yet powerfully delicate and massive introduction. Flowing straight into Dark Moons, we are hit with a taste of the sounds present throughout the entire body of work. Heavy guitars, punch-in-the-face drums, emotive vocals and callbacks to the ethereal strings unveiled at the prelude. Moving on to the centre or heart of the work - The Tetralogy; comprised of Altered Perception, Deliverance, Recollection and Testaments. These four, designed as one, move the listener through a narrative of inner thought. Through this tetralogy, we get a final glimpse at the soundscapes analogous with Vordona. Instrumentals were composed/performed by Pavlo Mysak, the vocals/lyrics were written and performed by Tony Ricci and mixing/mastering was masterfully done by Facundo at Novoestudios in Valencia, Spain. This trilogy packs a wide range of sounds into one creative deliverable. Tracklist: 01. Prelude | 02. Dark Moons | 03. I. Altered Perception | 04. II. Deliverance | 05. III. Recollection | 06. IV. Testaments | 07. Postlude

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