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  • Jason Hesley

VOIDHAVEN: German death-doom metallers premiere "The Everblazing Picture" video!

German death-doom metallers VOIDHAVEN have issued a new video for "The Everblazing Picture", the latest single from their brand new debut LP "Lithic", released earlier this month via Ardua Music. Watch it HERE.

In 2016 a five-person expedition from Hamburg, who had set out towards the unknown, established a base on newfound ground. The crew - consisting of seasoned veterans also hired on vessels like Ophis, Fvneral Fvkk or Remembrance - claimed the place as their own, named it VOIDHAVEN and used it as origin for the distribution of their artistic cargo.

The exported wares combine various components to spread an atmosphere of oppressive, yet harboring gloom. Lyrically, they incorporate skeptical world watching, critical reflection of social relations, addressing inner struggles and spinning haunting tales. Musically, they blend a foundation of Melancholic Doom Metal with elements from Death Metal.

The first goods in form of the “Voidhaven”-EP were shipped in collaboration with Solitude Productions in 2018. Overcoming a line-up change on the drums, an unplanned break due to a pandemic and personal circumstances dispiriting the crew, they hired fleet admiral Jens Ballaschke to produce new wares in October 2022. Assorted in the “Lithic”-album, the resulting luxuries will be distributed in company with Ardua Music, beginning in June 2023.

So shoulder your bale and embark on a journey to find relief in the VOIDHAVEN!

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