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  • Jason Hesley

Voidescent to release "Dust and Embers"

Voidescent is a Spanish black metal band that originated under the name Andhord. Having released a series of independent demos and EPs, the band underwent a significant artistic transformation to embrace a new chapter in their musical exploration, reflecting a deeper commitment to a darker and more mature concept. This evolution was initially announced in 2018 with the digital release of their first EP, 'Eleven Into Nox', and has now culminated in their debut album, 'Dust and Embers'. 'Dust and Embers' is a musical exploration that delves into the mystical realm of mortality and introspection. With their debut, Voidescent weaves a narrative that embraces the awe-inspiring force of death, inviting listeners to contemplate its profound teachings and crushing might. Within the sharp destructive melodies and piercing lyrics of 'Dust and Embers' lies a transformative journey. It traverses the depths of human existence, unraveling the enigmatic nature of mortality and the profound lessons where life and death intertwine. It prompts introspection, urging us to explore the mysteries of our own existence and contemplate the timeless truths that lie within the realms of our own consciousness. Mixed and mastered by Simon Da Silva at The Empty Hall Studio in Madrid, Voidescent's debut album beckons those who are intrigued by the mystical aspects of existence, inspiring them to explore the profound depths of destructive transformation. Avantgarde Music will release 'Dust and Embers' on CD, LP, and digital on October 13th, 2023. Find preorders at Bandcamp HERE.

TRACKLIST 1. Black Crowned Triangle 2. Crosstunnel Descent 3. The Necrotic Veil [AUDIO] 4. Cauldrons of Sabbath 5. Venom Scythe Liturgy 6. Arcane Enlightenment - The Bone Offering

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