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  • Jason Hesley

Void Blight/Filtheater to release "Embrace Decay"

Behold this unholy split between two horrific bands channeling the darkest of energies, Embrace Decay is just that; embracing a rotting frequency that will destroy and crumble all in it's path, everything you think you know will be annihilated by the time this split is done with you.

Void Blight is Blackened Death Metal from the USA for fans of Portal and Incantation featuring the Vocalist of Decoherence, Guitarist of Vølus and Drummer of Acausal Intrusion. Reverbed drenched and dissonant guitars wail over pounding drums and hideous vocals.

Filtheater returns with their classic old school death metal slaughter, channeling everything from Incantation bleakness to Demilich weirdness all warped through a twisted lens that is undeniably heavy and crushing. Once again Cave handles all instrument and vocal duties in his one man death metal assault.

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