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VISION DEPRIVED: Italian death metallers premiere new single "I Am"

Italian apocalyptic death metal act VISION DEPRIVED will release their debut album “Self Elevating, Deep Inside The Void” on March 28th 2023 via Slaughterhouse Records.

Today VISION DEPRIVED are premiering the album track "I Am" at Toilet Ov Hell. Stream it atTHIS LOCATION.

The first single "Deeper" is available HERE.

Born from the twisted mind of Carlo Altobelli, producer and sound engineer at the Toxic Basement Studio (Cripple Bastards, Insanity Alert, Black Oath, Raw Power, Ekpyrosis, ...), the band mixes early 90's American gloomy metal with grim and dystopian imagery all captured at his iconic studio. And if for some reason the music won't speak enough for itself, then the amazing artwork by Francesca Vecchio will further clarify what music and words won't.

With plenty of atmosphere to spare, the band’s compositional skills astoundingly span the full reach of old school US death metal, subtly (and tastefully) touching such boundaries as grindcore and death-thrash.

The band was originally founded by drummer Carlo (Greedy Mistress, Moral Values) and bassist Aldo (Cain, Bang Bangalow), who eventually welcomed Elias (End) on guitar and Alberto (Forged In Blood, Ephyra) on vocals.

“Self Elevating, Deep Inside The Void” is its introduction to their musical abyss, 10 songs of claustrophobic and relentless riffs and hopeless lyrics for a 30 minute visceral trail.

Album tracklist:

01. Massacre Of The Truth

02. Deeper

03. Pledge Allegiance

04. Overturning Events

05. Realm Of Void

06. Lifetime Conviction

07. I Am

08. Beyond Myself

09. Mind Eraser Body

10. Randomly Somewhere

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