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  • Jason Hesley

VIGIL to release the Album: …And The Void Stared Back on March 29th!

From the ashes of the band Onera, Justin Christian (Bass, Guitars) and Craig Simas (Guitars, Synth) built Vigil to be heavier, and more aggressive but also beautiful and emotional. Joined by Joe Davis to compliment as one of the two bassists in the band, Brandon Phinney on drums and Dave Petillo on vocals. We take the listener down a dark road of sorrow and anger. One of the original building blocks of Vigil was to be as heavy as we could. This led to the decision to have two bass players. As the songs started to take shape and each member was putting their own touches to the arrangements. We realized quickly that we succeeded in our goal. Combining that with our love for Post Rock, Thrash, and Progressive Metal, Vigil is a show piece for all our influences filtered through our ears, hands, and emotions.

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