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  • Jason Hesley

VHS to release "Quest For The Mighty Riff" on May 19th!

Since 2015, Canadian barbarians VHS have been a prolific force in the death metal underground. Inspired by the sleaziest films on celluloid, their albums have been conceptual odes to blood-soaked niche genres.

After collaborating two years ago on a vampire-themed record (I Heard They Suck… Blood), VHS and Wise Blood reunite for a new adventure. Join VHS as they embark on a treacherous odyssey packed with monsters, marauders, and black magic. Quest for the Mighty Riff is a concept record paying violent homage to '80s sword and sorcery flicks. VHS sounds heavier than ever while grinding out genre-decapitating death/punk bangers based on classics like Conan the Barbarian, Masters of the Universe, and The Highlander.

VHS has assembled a lethal troupe of guests to join their journey. Aaren Pantke of MOLDER helps VHS kick off the bloodshed with “Cleave ‘Em and Leave ‘Em.” Later, HELLRIPER’s James McBain screams into the fire on “Are You Afraid Dragons?” Matt Harvey of EXHUMED and GRUESOME even conjures synth interludes that time-warp the listener back to the '80s. Fans of EXHUMED, UNDEATH, GHOUL, and weirdo psychotronic flicks will devour this kitsch-crushing record. VHS pack with album with slashing solos and putrid snarls down to the final battle.

By the power of Grayskull, VHS and Wise Blood will release Quest for the Mighty Riff on May 19th. Until then, polish your broadswords and ponder your orbs and get ready for the year’s craziest and most shamelessly fun death metal record.

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