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  • Jason Hesley

VESPERIAN SORROW Returning This Spring with "Awaken the Greylight"

Awaken the Greylight is set to release on April 26th, and will be available on all major streaming platforms and for physical purchase through Black Lion Records.

The band has released two singles from Awaken the Greylight. Stream "A Dire Flight for the Black Fragment" at

Check out the newly released "An Epistle to the Prime Vivified" at

Pre-order the album at

VESPERIAN SORROW, hailing from Austin, Texas, is a symphonic black metal ensemble with roots tracing back to 1994 when they initially formed under the name Unholy Descent. In the early stages of 1999, the band transformed, adopting the name VESPERIAN SORROW. Unlike many black metal groups that delve into themes of Satanism and anti-Christianity, VESPERIAN SORROW takes a distinctive approach in their lyrical content, exploring realms of the cosmos, sorrow, sadness, and darkness.

The band's name itself, VESPERIAN SORROW, poetically alludes to their thematic focus, translating to "sadness or sorrow in the evening hours.

Awaken the Greylight tracklisting:

1. As The Pillars Were Raised

2. Antediluvian - Proceeding The Unshaping

3. An Epistle To The Prime Vivified

4. Traverse The Vorthonian Passage

5. A Dire Flight for the Black Fragment

6. Seek the Last Priestess of Tyyk

7. They Beheld the Chainbreaker's Crowning Defiance

8. Who Dwells Whithin The Blight Moon

9. The Excillion Ontogenesis

10. Awaken the Greylight

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